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The MOVE)Rs is a private collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles. Aptos (MOVE)Rs are people who carry weights. We came to the #Aptos Ecosystem to make the strongest DAO.

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Welcome to MOVE)Rs.

Hey 👋 My name is Ame. I'm the guy who gives you Alpha at @AptosEcosystems. The MOVE)Rs is a collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles.

We help ecosystem projects increase awareness among the #Aptos community and have agreements with many projects (NFT and non-NFT).For this they give us OG or WL roles that we want members of our community to be able to get too.

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Q2 - 2022 Completed

Idea preparation

Creating a concept and developing a plan. Recruitment of the team.


Completed Q3 - 2022

Opening Event

Community building 35k+. Conclusion and announcement of 39+ partnerships. Creation of Art collection gen0. Launch of the collection's twitter 3.8k+. Launching discord server. Launch crew3 with missions for the community. Helping to increase the visibility
of our parters in the Aptos Ecosystem.


Q4 - 2022 In Progress

Sale Gen0 collection

Launch of the official NFT collection website. Waiting for the launch of the main Aptos network. Minting our NFT collection. Creation of DAO. Provision of benefits to the community. Development of a secret tool.


In Progress Q1 - 2023

Release our secret tool

Launch of Aptos Validator A giveaway from partners, for our collection holders. Bonuses for premium collection holders. Development tools for web3 development. Staking NFT. Airdrop


Q2 - 2023 In Progress

Launching the Gen1 Collection

Free Gen1 minting for our holders. Continued development of our secret tool. Why are you reading all this? We'll surprise you back in previous quarters. Don't call me ser.


In Progress Q3 - 2023



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Frequently Asked Questions

The MOVE)Rs is a collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles. The collection can give access to other whitelists from the Aptos ecosystem.

MOVE is a Rust-based programming language created by Facebook to develop customizable transaction logic and smart contracts for digital currency. We want to support Move developers. As the language is young and its mass adoption is just beginning. MOVE + rs are the people who carry the heavy lifting. MOVE + rs - (a play on words) are developers - movers, especially in the bear market).

You can buy, hold or sell the NFT collection. But when you keep it for a long time, it may surprise you.

We are building the collection with utilities and want to build the DAO with a strong community that the projects themselves will want to give their WL to.

All Genesis (Gen-0) collection holders will have all the benefits of MOVE(Rs DAO, namely whitelisting, OG roles, airdrops and more.

We don't want to create too many Gen-0' NFTs, so everyone will be pleasantly surprised by our decision, which we will announce after the mint.

We won't reveal more details about the second collection (Gen-1) until after the Gen-0 collection has been minted. We are thinking of the community first, but to avoid narcissism, many details will not be available until after the minting of the Genesis collection

At the moment, the only way to get a whitelist is to complete quests in CREW3. They are not very difficult, but do require courage and cleverness. There are also occasional short challenges, which you can find out about on our Discord.

You'll need Twitter and Discord to complete the challenges. If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact us on Discord and we'll be happy to help you!

You can find a list of CREW3 quests at Crew3.

The NFT collection will be minted after the release of the main Aptos network. Further, the collection will be traded on any of the marketplaces.


Don't call me ser

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